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Welcome to TXC - your ultimate GTA CNR Crew. Founded by eso2k, Isharp, Prodi & Revolution in 2023.

TXC has rapidly grown into a community of over 100 members worldwide. From our unique custom crew outfits to specially designed graphic packs and weapon skins, TXC stands out as a symbol of creativity and excellence in the gaming world.

Our crew is not just about playing the game; it's about building connections and creating a friendly and inclusive environment. Whether you're a skillful shooter or a rules expert, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Explore our Discord server for more details and submit your application. Let's make progress together!

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Apply trough our Discord server

TXC Discord Server
  • 2.0 +

    Minimum Kill / Death aka K/D

  • 16+

    Minimum Age

  • No Bans

    Clean history in last 30 days.

  • English

    Not fluent but able to communicate.


We'll try to answer most common questions before you apply.

How do I join?

Please join our Discord server -- from there you can Apply.

I was banned recently..?

If you were banned recently and you still want to join, official TXC member needs to vouch for you in order to join us.

What regions do you play?

TXC is on every CnR region, however our main region remains EU.

I don't have a mic?

It's 2024 and if you still don't have a working microphone -- this crew is not for you.

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